Course Modules and Units

Each course is broken down into modules, which are generally organized into weeks. Within a module are units. Units are made up of lessons. A lesson can be a video to watch, a file to download (such as a PDF), a recording to listen to, an activity to explore, or a quiz to test what you have learned.

NOTE: Even though you can view the Unit Names in the Course Modules in the course menu, they are not clickable unless you are enrolled in the course which contains them.

Together, we can track your progress.

Once you have completed every task in your unit, you may click on the Complete Task button.


When you wish to move to the next unit in your course, you can click on the Next Unit button



watch-video-02Most Units have at least one video. The videos may viewed by clicking on the Streaming Video image that says WATCH VIDEO.

However, if you have issues streaming the videos in your browser, you can also download the videos to your hard drive by clicking on the [Alternative Download] link.

Live Action Trading Sessions

These sessions are archived from live trading days. They can be found in your course pages.

You can find the archives in the Boot Camp under the Session Archives. Then navigate to the year and month you want to view. On the month pages you will find a playlist below the video screen. There are a couple controls on the play screen you may want to be aware of.


 Member Resources

Member Resources are located in the Course Pages, as only people enrolled in a course are allowed to view the resources.

There are many member resources, including Computer Environment Setup, Current Ticker Rollover, Trading Journal, and Dr V’s Favorites.