“The only way to permanently change the Money bag financial business object as a big green sack of currency with a dollar symbol stitched to the finance icon on a white background as a success winning prize metaphor.temperature in the room is to reset the thermostat. In the same way, the only way to change your financial success “permanently” is to reset
your financial thermostat”

— T. Harv Eker

No matter your background, Day-Trading has the action and stability you are looking for. Learning to Day Trade with risk-management techniques is a life changing skill that will certainly reset your financial thermostat.

If you are a member, you may have already received the information in this Introduction to Trading Course. 

This introductory course was designed to give you a brief overview of the markets and help you determine if Day Trading is right for you!

The Course Includes:

♦  Three Introductory Videos:

  1. Introduction to Trading
  2. The Basic Delta 1-2-3 Trade
  3. Roadmap to Success

♦  3 Live Trading Sessions — Experience Live Trading with the Group

♦ 12 Page Workbook

  • Lessons & Tips on Trading the Markets
  • How to access a Live Trading Session
  • Basics on the Delta 1-2-3 Trade
  • Live Trading Session Notesheet
  • Day Trader Self Assessment – “Is Day Trading something for You?”
  • Trading Plan worksheet

♦  Consultation – (2) 30 minute consultations to help you develop your trading plan

♦  Coupon for $50 discount towards future training with Delta Trading Group

If the button to access the course is not functional, please contact the Delta Trading Group Office @888-959-4004.

DTG Members: This is a paid introductory course equivalent to kick-start. If you would like to purchase the course so you can access the assessments, trading plan and consultations please contact the office.