bootcamp-04The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves
Steven Spielberg

If you want to be the best you need to learn from the best. You need a mentor. Rarely is someone successful in day-trading without having a mentor to guide the way to successful risk-management.

The Dr. V Day Trading Academy’s Boot Camp introduces you to the Delta Trading Methodology, which is based on sound money management principles while giving you the opportunity to trade with a world-class mentor – Dr. Vance.

boot-camp-overview-metors-01-pngBoot Camp Features

  • The best trading help anywhere.
  • Learn to trade any place any time.
  • Over 40 individual Boot Camp lessons, you will master the winning trade entry, and the winning psychology of the trade.
  • Full access to the Live Action Trading Group archives will let you review every day of trading.
  • Full chat features during live trading sessions so you can interact with other Delta Traders. Group support and profits.

 What to Expect: Calendar of Boot Camp LessonsCalendar-200-200


Module 1 Week 1  
Day 1 Unit 1 Boot Camp Overview
   Unit 2 Price Action Trading
 Day 2  Unit 3 Auction Theory & Indecision
  Unit 4 Bulls and Bears (Long Short)
Day3 Unit 5 Stop Loses and Limit Orders
  Unit 6 Candlestick Basics
Day 4
Unit 7 Price Action: Doji and Pin Bars
Unit 8
Price Action: Double Bars
 Day 5 Unit 9 Week 1 Summary (Boot Camp)
Module 2 Week 2
Day 1 Unit 1 Week 2 Overview (Boot Camp)
Day 2 Unit 2 Risk Versus Reward
Day 3 Unit 3 Simple Trends – EMA
Day 4 Unit 4 Head Room – Stops and Profit
  Unit 5 Current Ticker Rollover
Day 5 Unit 6 Intermediate Trending
  Unit 7 Week 2 Summary (Boot Camp)
Module 3 Week 3
Day 1 Unit 1 Week 3 Overview (Boot Camp)
Day 2 Unit 2 Gambler Mentality
Day 3 Unit 3 Retracement concepts
  Unit 4 Basic Fibonacci
Day 4 Unit 5 The 20 Components of a Successful Trading Plan (video)
  Unit 6 Trader Psychology (Fear & Greed)
Day 5 Unit 7 Turn Around Signal- Advanced
  Unit 8 Week 3 Summary (Boot Camp)
Module4 Week 4
Day 1 Unit 1 Week 4 Overview (Master Trader )
Day 2 Unit 2 Stop Losses and Cloudy Stops
Day 3 Unit 3 Trailing Stops
  Unit 4 Trader Psychology (Controlling Emotions)
Day 4 Unit 5 Developing your own trading style
Day 5 Unit 6 Week 4 Summary (Boot Camp)
  Unit 7 Course Final (Boot Camp)
Module 5  Ensign Only After Completing Boot Camp
  Unit 1 Ensign
  Unit 2 Ensign Playback
  Unit 3 Ensign Quiz