Title: Pro Trader Liaison

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
William Arthur Ward

Successful completion of the Blue Course certifies you as a Pro Trader Liaison, earning your Blue Cord.

Helping other and group participation is required to move to the higher cord levels of knowledge and further success. That’s why part of the Blue Cord requirements include completing Liaison Classes, and completing¬†Liaison assignments by Senior Liaisons and Mentors.

Blue Cord Requirements

  • Member with more than 6 Months as Live Trader.
  • Completed the Academy to the Blue Cord Level.
  • Satisfactorily Complete the Blue Cord Lessons, Projects, Test.
  • Completed at Least 250 Live trades with the following performance:
    • At Least 50% Win Ratio.
    • At Least 50% Net Points of the Total Trades.
  • Have requested and completed the Liaison call to move to 3-4 Contracts.
  • Have traded live with 3-4 Contract trades for at least 50 trades with a specific performance for the last 20 trades of:
    • At Least 50% Win Ratio.
    • At Least 50% Net Points of the Total Trades.
  • Must meet Group Participation Requirements:
    • Have attended at least 4 meetups in the last year
    • Participated as a talking guest in 3 live trading sessions in the last two months.
  • Must Complete the Liaison Test
  • Must Complete at least 5 Liaison Assignments.
  • Complete the Blue Cord Survey.
  • Complete the Blue Card Promotion Request.