I’m a Daydreamer and Night Thinker

after-hours-tradingTrading after hours (between Wall Street closing and opening bells) is the same as trading any other hour, but learning to trade during these times takes a different approach:

  1. You must learn the basic trades D123 using a playback feature and do approximately 250 trades with a proper Track Record of at least 50% win rate, and a NET of at least 50% of total trades. IE: TT 250, W 125, NET 125.
  2. While building a Playback Track record, you will build a separate track record of after hours trades that are Situational Awareness trades (DT Trades). Normally DT Trades are learned after (not simultaneous to) building a solid D123 Track record. You will need a proper Track Record of at least 50 ST trades with a 50% + win rate and a NET of at least 30% of total trades: IE: TT 50, W 25, NET 15.
  3. Watch at least 100 Recorded Daytime Live Trading Sessions.
  4. Have a high level of participation during evening hours trading.
  5. Find a trading buddy to discuss trades.
  6. Become at least a Level 3 Mentor.